Monday, February 13, 2017


1. The Ted talk ties into our last unit by including advertisements. It shows Nike and how they advertise to get the customers to buy their sneakers. They advertise in different ways, a lot of celebrities help advertise for them too, and it gets them tons of customers.

2. Nike sells to two markets, the retail market and the secondary market.

3.If there was a stock market of things I would probably buy books. I love reading them and I try to read and collect as many as I can now.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


1. The genre of this article here, is to offer advice or help.

2.I believe the text structure is problem and solution because it provides a solution to a problem a lot of people struggle with.

3.The smart wearables are the most interesting to me.I think it's very cool that you could be wearing a bracelet or some other type of thing and have it be able to do all the things a phone or computer could do. I think it would be useful to have one of them.

Monday, January 30, 2017


1.Non-fiction is when a story is written that is based on facts and real people, with history. A history textbook is an example of a non-fiction book.

2. Textbooks and curriculum have shifted from anthologies of short stories and prose to dissecting non-fiction because because in the real world, those are the only type of books or stories you will read. They have them also because in the ACT and SAT they use non-fiction stories. They tend to not use other story genres because it is the most realistic.

3. Here is the article. It is about how to remember your dreams. I chose this article because I wanted to know how they said to remember them.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Final Blog

1.Traditional courses are much better than online courses. Online courses are not that good. They are a good alternative if you need to use them, but they do not teach students as well as the traditional courses. For some assignments online, students would be able to cheat, and would probably rely on cheating and not actually try to learn. So, traditional courses would be a lot better to take than online courses.

2. Paris would be a better husband for Juliet, than Romeo. Although their marriage would have been arranged, I think that Paris actually did love Juliet, and would do anything for her. When he visits her tomb, he brings her flowers and grieves. When he is told that someone is coming, he says "What curs├Ęd foot wanders this way tonight ,To cross my obsequies and true love’s rite?". He is saying that he is wondering who is coming and ruining the time that he his grieving for his true love. If they were to get married in the end, I think that Juliet would eventually love him back, and wouldn't kill herself like in the end.

3. Narratives and Memoirs are very important. They are important because they can relate the readers to the writers the most. They also would let the writers be able to say how they feel and not have to hide it behind a random character. The readers would be able to relate and be able to know that there are some people who know how they feel or have been in that situation before. They would be able to show that they are not alone when it comes to their beliefs or their experiences. Narratives and Memoirs are the most real writings an author could write. The writings are actual stories from our world and not fictional things that someone would come up with.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12/13 Advertisement

1. I believe that they are pretty reliable. They are a good way to collect data. Though, you have to be careful who you ask and not be biased to a specific group of people. That would get you the data you want if you do it a certain way, but your information would not be as true because it doesn't take other people that have different answers into consideration.

2. The biggest struggle I've had would probably be when we are researching things. I had struggles finding questions for my survey.  I also struggled when I had to look up advertisements. If I were to find an ad, sometimes it wouldn't relate to that technique.

The advertisement is using Celebrity appeal, and inclusive language. It is Celebrity appeal because it had Beyonce endorsing it, and it is using inclusive language by directly addressing the reader. I believe that badge value is being used here. I think this, because a lot of people are loyal to not only Pepsi, but also Beyonce. So  a lot of people will watch the super bowl, because Beyonce is in it, and because Pepsi is the one that is promoting it too.

Monday, December 5, 2016

12/5 Arguments

1. It is important because you will get less customers and attention if you don't support the claim. Some customers specifically buy products only if there are facts to support it. Some other companies as well can use evidence against you if you didn't support it.

2. It would help you put down your enemies.You would know the strengths and weaknesses of them and you can use it against them and help it support what you're saying better. When advertising you can compare your products and explain why yours is better and you can say some bad things about the enemies product.

3. My audience for my argumentative paper would be my teacher and my classmates. I am trying to prove my two hooks are the best to mostly my classmates. The two hooks I chose appeal to not just me but a lot of teenagers. They can connect the most with the hooks.

Monday, November 28, 2016

What influences my choices?

A: The ad is using Badge value. It is a luxury item and people use it to show other people that they are more rich or important than them.

B: The unfinished claim appeals to me the most.When I hear the claim it makes me think about it more than the other ones. When I hear this type of advertisement I try to think about what the comparison is to. I pay the more attention to these type of ads.

C: An advertising company would choose messaging value over brand value cause it makes people feel better about what they are buying and how it helps them. They try to appeal to people that haven't already chosen a specific brand to follow too.