Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12/13 Advertisement

1. I believe that they are pretty reliable. They are a good way to collect data. Though, you have to be careful who you ask and not be biased to a specific group of people. That would get you the data you want if you do it a certain way, but your information would not be as true because it doesn't take other people that have different answers into consideration.

2. The biggest struggle I've had would probably be when we are researching things. I had struggles finding questions for my survey.  I also struggled when I had to look up advertisements. If I were to find an ad, sometimes it wouldn't relate to that technique.

The advertisement is using Celebrity appeal, and inclusive language. It is Celebrity appeal because it had Beyonce endorsing it, and it is using inclusive language by directly addressing the reader. I believe that badge value is being used here. I think this, because a lot of people are loyal to not only Pepsi, but also Beyonce. So  a lot of people will watch the super bowl, because Beyonce is in it, and because Pepsi is the one that is promoting it too.

Monday, December 5, 2016

12/5 Arguments

1. It is important because you will get less customers and attention if you don't support the claim. Some customers specifically buy products only if there are facts to support it. Some other companies as well can use evidence against you if you didn't support it.

2. It would help you put down your enemies.You would know the strengths and weaknesses of them and you can use it against them and help it support what you're saying better. When advertising you can compare your products and explain why yours is better and you can say some bad things about the enemies product.

3. My audience for my argumentative paper would be my teacher and my classmates. I am trying to prove my two hooks are the best to mostly my classmates. The two hooks I chose appeal to not just me but a lot of teenagers. They can connect the most with the hooks.

Monday, November 28, 2016

What influences my choices?

A: The ad is using Badge value. It is a luxury item and people use it to show other people that they are more rich or important than them.

B: The unfinished claim appeals to me the most.When I hear the claim it makes me think about it more than the other ones. When I hear this type of advertisement I try to think about what the comparison is to. I pay the more attention to these type of ads.

C: An advertising company would choose messaging value over brand value cause it makes people feel better about what they are buying and how it helps them. They try to appeal to people that haven't already chosen a specific brand to follow too.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet #2

1. Romeo and Juliet have a romantic love. They are more infatuated in the thought of a romantic connection than in each other. "The authenticity of her love was limited by her inexperience, young age, vulnerability, and inclination to focus on her physical attraction with Romeo." Romeo and Juliet both liked the thought of each other. Juliet being young and inexperienced had never had a romantic connection with anyone and the thought that she could finally have one with him.

2.I believe that true love is the best kind of love. True love is when you're truly in love and that person means the world to you. It is when you are in love with someone because of who they are, not when you like the thought of being with them. It is the most honest type of love there is.

3. Juliet is the most responsible with her emotions. Although she was very young, she was more reliable when it came to their emotions. Juliet showed that she "loved" him very much and would do anything for him (commit suicide,etc.). Romeo though showed his love as well but did not show through. "She is blinded by her single-minded love for this fickle boy who loved another only hours before." Here it is told that he had pursued love with someone else that was not her and therefore shows that she (to him) was not his one true love.

Monday, October 10, 2016


1.Every night I try to go to bed at 9. Normally though it's about 9:30-10:00. I tend to watch youtube videos for a couple of hours before sleep. I watch shows and if I have a lot of it, I'm still doing homework. I usually try to go at 9, though it doesn't work out.

2.Students need at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Studies show that their sleeping patterns are not normal but are delayed. As we age into a teen we tend to have bedtimes later and wake up later as well.'In the United States, the observation that teenagers have biologically delayed sleep patterns compared with adults prompted several schools to put back the start of the school day.' A school near Newcastle, in the U.K., has their school day starting at 10:00 am and they have seen improved academic skills when the students get to sleep more.

3."Evidence that sleep is important is overwhelming. Elegant research has demonstrated its critical role in memory consolidation and our ability to generate innovative solutions to complex problems. Sleep disruption increases the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Impulsive behaviors, lack of empathy, sense of humor, and mood are similarly affected." We need sleep to be able to act normal and to be able to do more stuff. If we don't get enough sleep for things, we wont be able to act well in school. Sleep is a huge thing that we need, and if we don't get it, it makes a huge impact on our day.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Teens and Media

1. The teens don't go out as much because of electronics now. They don't think that they need to go out as much because they have other things to do in their house. They have computers, gaming consoles, phones and other things as well.

2."You'd have thought that their hormonal rebellious innards would fight hard against the phone that moms, dads, uncles and aunts have. Instead, this report shows that 67 percent of these teens owned an iPhone.". It says there that you would think that teens would not want to get those phones because their family members have gotten them before. Though the teens do the exact opposite and they want/get those phones.

3.He thinks that teens are all doing and thinking the same way. Most teens have the same favorite clothing type, and favorite type of phone. The teens are getting their individuality taken away. The less they go outside as well, the less they learn and do more stuff. They don't get to discover and do things they should do, because they are doing stuff electronically and have more improved technology that they use. "You can decide whether these numbers show just how talented Apple is at marketing to the young.Or you can choose to believe that other phone brands have failed utterly in inspiring the young to wrap their feelings around a new brand. I lean more toward the latter.” It shows that everyone chooses one brand and can’t seem to wrap their feelings around another, and that they all like the same one.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Charlotte protests

1. No, I do not think they should have the right. They are causing major damage and are ruining things/places. All of the things they ruin cost money and some aren't easy to fix. A lot of the time it also leads to injuries and/or deaths. No, if they are not that violent and aren't causing a lot of problems then they shouldn't need to call in the national guard.

2. I believe that they are less effective than protests back then . The protests nowadays are getting their points out but there doesn't seem to be a difference in what they are protesting against. The protesters that are destructive are just adding more problems than solving the ones that were already there. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s protests got their points across without causing violence.

3."“What we want to do is show we’re not dangerous,” he said. “We want to show the world it’s not thugs out here.” Monroe said black people deserve to be safe in the streets and don’t feel that way in the spate of recent police shootings."(Article). They can perform more peaceful protests by boycotting something or standing all together with signs in a crowded area. Just don't make it violent.