Monday, April 24, 2017


  1. The PSA was effective. The way they made it seem so real with the imagery was a reason. The make-up that they used to make the actors seem hurt looked real. The actors and actresses also did great by making it seem real. The screaming and the things that were said made it real too. The noises during the crash also were great and made it seem even more real.
  2. Here is another PSA that is effective. This PSA shows a boy preparing for a school shooting while two people are communicating on a desk. The main boy is trying to figure out who the girl is and in the background the school shooter is watching and reading and posting things about shooting and guns. It shows him at the end pull out a gun in the gym and everyone running. It is trying to get people to realise that someone could be preparing for that and to watch out and not let another school shooting happen.

Monday, April 17, 2017


1. Whether a person has a diploma or not effects their health. When a person has a diploma, they are able to get better jobs than a person that doesn't have one because they have the education needed. If someone isn't able to get a good job, or any job at all, then they won't make a lot or any money. If that person were to get sick or hurt, they wouldn't have the money to get the proper care they need. Since people that don't have diplomas can't get a job that provides enough money for them, then they won't be able to pay or even get medical insurance.

2. Students who didn't get their high school diploma can be harmful to society. Their health can be a way that they are harmful, because they can get other people sick without having medical care. They also won't be able to afford housing and things like that, so it will cause more people to live on the street. They won't be able to afford things so they would probably cause the crime rate to go up because of them stealing. Some of them can also make our taxes go up because they need money to live on from the government.

3. The percentage of how many high school freshman won't graduate is very high, and it causes the schools and communities to get bad publicity and reputations. Schools can help with the rate of how many freshman don't graduate though. The schools could provide extra help to the students that are struggling.The students that aren't struggling in schools, but are having problems outside of school, could be provided councilors and other people to help them with that. They could even bring down the amount of stress they put on kids by giving them less work and tests.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


1. Grit is the strong motivation and passion to achieve a goal. Grit is needed in everyday life because if you didn't have grit, then it would take longer and would be a lot harder to achieve a goal. Whether it be an easy or hard goal, it's very helpful to have grit. I agree with the phrase “entitled” child  culture. Children these days get through life easy because they get basically everything handed to them. They don’t have grit,  and won’t when they're older because they haven’t their whole life, though they will need it in the long run.

2.  Gradual and Persistent effort rather than last-minute cramming builds you to learn more and prevents you to make less mistakes. It will teach you a lot more and help you so you won’t have problems in school. If you do that, then you would also make less mistakes and not mess up your projects or papers. It could be useful when i’m older, so that if i’m presenting something in a meeting, I will know what I have been working on, will take my time, and won’t make that many mistakes, rather than rushing through it because I just learned what I was talking about.

3. I believe out of the 6 traits, I am strongest when it comes to Emotional Resilience. When it comes to school and having problems with understanding and getting things right, I don't make a big deal out of it. Of course I'll try until I understand, but between the period of trying to understand and finally understanding, I care more about the fact that I am trying my hardest, rather than not really understanding it. Though I do care a lot about trying to understand it, I just know not to beat myself up over it, because after awhile, I will eventually get it. I believe that I need to work on Confidence. I am not great when it comes to working by myself and knowing that I'm doing good. I'm not good at standing up for myself or barely even talking to an authority figure. I will be trying to work on my confidence.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


1 A college degree/training is even more important nowadays compared to those who grew up even a few decades ago. In the article, Josh Mitchell stated that the median earnings for high school graduates fell from $435,000 to $243,000  after only a couple of decades. It shows that as time goes by, high school graduates are getting less and less money compared to college graduates.

2.If you get better grades, then your GPA would be higher. In the article, it states that a study was conducted by researchers of the University of Miami, where they found that a person's GPA in high school not only indicates the person's chances of getting into college and whether he or she will finish college or graduate school. It could also be an indicator of how much that person will earn later in life. So if you have higher grades, you will be able to get into a better college, and earn more money later in life.

3. The correlation between high school grades and overall educational attainment was strongest for minorities. The article says that they are also more likely to go to, and graduate from college, than a Caucasian male with a similar GPA. The reason it might be, is because when you have that education, you're usually able to get a better job, and it also says that they don't always get the opportunities to have those jobs, so with that education, it could help them.

Monday, March 6, 2017


1. Looking at someones social media before they are accepted into a college should be something that the colleges do. The reasons colleges should do this is because it shows you a different side of the person you're considering. It can show things that would be kinda hard to find out, like commitment and how well they would be able to control themselves. Some people on social media post all different opinions and things that can give a full, well-rounded look at how a person feels and acts.

2. I do agree with this observation. Sometimes kids put on a character to make more people like them, and/or get more attention. They can get so caught up in that character that they don't actually care about what they like and how they would want to normally act.

3. A lot of high schools do prepare students for things after it. It helps make students act the right way when they are in jobs/schooling. It prepares them for how they should interact with other people in that environment. It provides rules for things that are also not allowed in jobs/schooling. Though, there are a lot of differences between high school and real life, it provides a base coat for the way you should act in the real world.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


1.I was able to find an apartment for about $759 a month. If I have a roommate and we split the cost in half, then I would have to pay $379.5 a month. Since I have $1,196.16 dollars, then that leaves me with $816.66 left over.

2. The other bills I have to pay:
  1. Cell phone- I would have to pay around $45 for my share a month. Leaves me with about 771.66 left over.
  2. Car- Paid with graduation money.
  3. Gasoline- About $360, leaves me $411.66.
  4. Car Insurance- About $213 a month.
  5. Health insurance-
  6. Consumers- Included in rent
  7. Oil Changes for Vehicle- About $46.
  8. Food- About $150.
  9. Entertainment - Wifi comes with the place.
  10. Misc.- I only have $2.66 left, so I would go over budget to buy Misc. things.

3. It would be stressful because you will have to be very careful with how you're using your money. Just one little wrong calculation of money, could make the money that you spend be more than you earn a month. What if you were to spend a lot more money grocery shopping than you expected and then you weren't able to pay rent, or car insurance, or any other thing on the list above. If I had a skill that others found valuable, then I would be able to get a job that has a good pay, and then I wouldn't be as stressed out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


1. An Airline pilot is a career that interests me. I would be able to travel a lot, and they do get paid a lot as well . Its something that I've always considered doing when I'm older, and I feel like its a great job for me.I'm able to remember how to do different things, and I would be able to concentrate and not get distracted.

2. To become a pilot, I would probably join the Air Force. They have several different options for colleges, here are some of them.

3. Airline Pilots make about $117,290 a year.